Thursday, September 17, 2009


Amsterdam is absolutely beautiful. After arriving we took the quietest train we've every ridden into the center of the city and then took a taxi to our hotel, The Pulitzer. The staff was very helpful and due to Gabrielle's super-duper-elite-diamond-platinum-celebrity status we were upgraded to a executive suite! (Speaking of her elite status--I am now beginning to understand why she doesn't want to quit traveling. The threat of losing her status would be absolutely devastating. How in the world do normal people do it??? We had royal treatment at the Heathrow airport lounge--invitation only-- too! I'm likin' it.) Of course this is the only way I roll.

We just got back from a wonderful dinner at De Proeverij. I had a wonderful steak with shitaki mushrooms and onions. Gabrielle had delicious duck with peanut sauce. For desert I had an amazing chocolate cake and Gabrielle had some vanilla ice cream. The portions were not American style, however I appreciate the fact that my pants still seem to fit. :)

Compared to London which was dirty, loud, and rude -- Amsterdam has been beautiful, welcoming and relaxing. Tomorrow we plan to tour the Flower Market and the Anne Frank house (which is just a block from our hotel). Gabrielle is also trying to convince me to go for a run. I think I'd rather find a coffee shop.


Mom said...

Ahhhhh...sounds like Amsterdam is lovely (maybe there ARE places other than the Corn Palace to relax and enjoy!). Now I want to vacation with Gabrielle, too! Dad doesn't get me the elite status when we fly that you two seem to be enjoying! Of course, Nick, you are probably being treated so well because you are speaking Dutch that you learned from the book--right??? Dad says "HI." Love, Mom

Nick Malnick said...

I have a picture of Gabrielle reading the Dutch book while eating breakfast this morning. :) Everyone here speaks English so language has not been a problem!

Mom said...

Imagine eating Mexican food in Amsterdam! Interesting! We had Giordono's pizza for dinner tonight & it was sooooo good! Have you worn your new jacket yet? How is the weather? I'm glad you are taking a lot of pictures. Can't wait to see them. I know you will have fun meeting up with Mark G. I'll bet the days are going fast for you two. Happy touring! :)