Monday, September 14, 2009

Greene King

Because of logistical reasons we were unable to make it to Bath today. Instead we headed back
into Oxford where Joel showed us around some more.

We also stopped by some pubs and drank plenty of good English Ale. I bought some Greene King from the grocery store and am enjoying it now. We then road a double decker bus home which was fun.

When we got back to Tanya and Joel's house, Tanya's friend Ulrike was visiting. Ulrike grew up in Lemgo, the town in Germany where Gabrielle was a foreign exchange student. They seemed to enjoy talking to each other and reminiscing about the goings-on of Lemgo.

Tomorrow Gabrielle and I head into London, which should be exciting.

Alright, my youngest nephew is forcing everyone into a game of Apples to Apples, cheers!

---Okay, Apples to Apples is over. Eli won and is very happy about it. :) After the boys went to bed, Tanya, Joel, Gabrielle and I played Euchre for a couple hours. We had a great time, but the teams were set up wrong. Gabrielle and Joel played against Tanya and me. Joel and Gabrielle kicked our butts in both the games we played!! They tried to be gracious winners, but they weren't--in fact, Gabrielle is requiring me to post this important part of our trip so I won't forget it. What are you gonna do? :(


Rabbi Aaron Benson said...

Did some I-talians come to market, and then the Welsh attacked or whatever happened in that Castle cartoon? Hope you're having fun!

Mom said...

I love to play Apples to Apples! It's a great party game. Last night we went w/Carlson's to a concert at the Paramount (they had 2 extra tickets). It was the WORST concert we've ever been to. The singer was Ani DiFranco. We were WAY out of our league & probably the oldest people at the concert! She was horrible--I wouldn't even call it "music." She definitely made up her own songs--I don't think anyone would ever accuse her of copying their lyrics (if that's what she called them). We left early & came back to our house for pie and ice cream. We will laugh about this for a loooooong time to come!