Sunday, September 20, 2009

I AMsterdam

This morning we woke up a little later than usual and, because we were trying to meet Mark and Kirstyn, we didn't get a chance to work out.

We first took the trolley to the Van Gogh Museum campus. We found a nice place to eat breakfast outside. I had ham filled pannenkoeken, which was delicious, and Gabrielle had a fruit bowl.

We then went to the museum which was amazing. We got the audio tour tape and that helped alot. We even bought a print to bring home.

Next we went to the Heineken Experience which was quite neat. We learned all about how the beer was made. I asked a guy about Heineken Light, and he told me that it all gets shipped to the US--"Nobody drinks that here."

Then we got dinner at another horrible Mexican restaurant. If you're in Amsterdam, avoid mexican food--they don't seem to know how to make it here.

Finally we just got done with a very nice wine and cheese evening boat cruise. The weather is cooling down but it was still fun to be on the water. We are both exhausted and ready for a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow we leave for Cologne, Germany at 10:30. I am excited to head into Germany!


Mom said...

You really had a jam-packed day! But wow! What a lot of neat experiences. Too bad about the Mexican food. How are you getting to Cologne -- by train? It's raining here this evening. We need it, though. We're going to watch the first part of the Emmy Awards because Uncle Frank said that Jennifer was going to be there--maybe we'll see her in the background! :) Love, Mom

Mom said...

Dad wanted you to know that the Chicago Bears beat the Pittsburg Steelers today in Chicago, 17-14. Robbie Gould kicked a field goal with 20 seconds to go. On the kickoff, they fumbled, we recovered, end of game! Yea!

Drew said...

Too bad you missed the game Uncle Nick...the end was great! Whew!