Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clean shave

After posting the last entry, we discovered the hotel Club Lounge with internet access. Sooo, here's another entry for your entertainment.

While strolling this afternoon, we ran into a gentlemen's shaving shop. I experienced my first straight-edge razor shave and it was fantastic!!! I ended up buying some India Lime aftershave that Gabrielle is going crazy over.

Next stop: Brick Street to check out the Indian restaurants that truly are supposed to be delicious.


Mom said...

We are soooooo enjoying your blog experiences! Thanks for sharing. I forwarded your blog-site to Uncle Frank and he just called to tell me that they like your sense of humor while blogging! He also said that he's been at most of the places you've mentioned. Today is Dad's 60th birthday. He loved the oval pot & trivet & can't wait to use them! Aaron took us to Famous Dave's for a brisket dinner. Yummy!

Drew said...

Ditto to your Uncle Frank! We are missing the pics of your adventures and our other dear loved ones that you got to see though. It sounds like you are having a great time.

Drew said...

That was my mom posting on your blog before...she just told me that she used my g-mail b/c she doesn't have it. Anyway, I think it would be cool to see pictures too. I guess I have to go to bed now.

Nick Malnick said...

Glad everyone is enjoying it! :) Unfortunately we (er I) forgot the cable to transfer pictures from our camera to the computer. You'll just have to wait until we get back!

Rabbi Aaron Benson said...

Nick - this is actually really cool, it's fun hearing what you guys are up to. I'm so jealous of your trip!