Thursday, September 10, 2009

Europe here we come!

Gabrielle just finished packing all of our clothes in to two carry on suitecases. I can't believe everything fit. Somehow by rolling everything up we were able to pack all our clothes and still have room!

I ended up calling Verizon global service to get my Blackberry World Phone unlocked. We have a Verizon sim card but would like the option of using a European sim card if we need to. The process was pretty straight forward but did require that I use our existing sim card to access a few of the menus the technician walked me through. Can't wait to see if it really works. I also found out that by owning a World Phone I could receive a free simcard from Verizon. Will have to pick that up after our trip though.

Well by this time tomorrow we'll be high over the Atlantic, Cheers!

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Mom said...

At 5:59pm, I said to Dad, "They will be leaving in 1 minute!" I am so excited for you two. I know you will have a wonderful trip. I picture you in your 2-seat row, wearing your neck cushions and adjusting your eye masks for dozing. This Blog is great! We will enjoy following you in your travels. Have a safe trip. All our love, Mom and Dad