Friday, September 25, 2009

Roll Out The Barrell!

Yesterday was so busy, I had no time to post. First we went to BMW Welt (BMW World). After seeing the new X5 M, M3, X1, and a decked out 7 series, I think I need a new car. :) It was really a neat place. Kirstyn reallz got into the architecture of the building. The building was really cool. Unfortunatelz all the English plant tours were filled. :( Guess we'll just have to come back!

After that our beer/wurst tank was running low, so after we arrived to go to the German Technology museum we stopped for food. Gabrielle was able to get a tuna salad which she had been craving for a while (for some reason all the saugage and meat didn't appeal to her like it did to me).

The tech museum was reallz neat. I got a ton of pictures. You could spend days in the place wandering around.

Today we take a train to Prague at 12:44. We're all packed and ready to go. I reallz wish we could stay longer in Germany though.

Aaron, what beer am I supposed to try in Prague?

Sorry for any mistakes in the post, I'm using a European style keyboard -- driving me crayz!


Mom said...

Dad says that the White Sox are now mathematically eliminated from the play-offs. Wait till next year! I don't think you are supposed to drink beer in Prague--it's a vodka place! We've had more rain. Dad will be busy cutting grass till Halloween! Speaking of holidays, Christmas is only 3 months away. How time flies. While you're in Czechoslavakia, see if you can find any "Fiala's." Love, Mom

Nick Malnick said...

Mom, I'll try!