Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Man Heaven

Where can you get sausage, mustard, fried potatoes and sauerkraut? What is Germany.

We were in Cologne yesterday. The Cologne Dom (cathedral) is beautiful! We had a wonderful time, excellent food and beer. unfortunately the museums were closed because it was Monday.

Today we arrived in Munich. After a wonderful 1st class train ride, we met Mark and Kirstyn and went to the Augustiner Keller -- a very nice beer garden for the locals.

The hotel is very nice, and we were upgraded to a suite again. We are located across the street from the train station.

Unfortunately, we only have less than 15 minutes to post this blog for free. Thus, this one is short!

Don't forget -- the German food is AWESOME.

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Mom said...

Hey, how's the food? Oh, right -- it's marvelous, delicious, yummy & good! At least I won't have to worry that you're not eating! HAPPY 1ST DAY OF AUTUMN! We had more rain and it is a warm humid day out. Did I tell you that I saw Jennifer & Kent two different times on t.v. at the Red Carpet preview before the Emmy Awards! That was awesome! Stay well. Love, Mom