Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago

Arrived back in Chicago yesterday. After 13 hours of travel, we were exhausted. Gabrielle went to sleep at 7 and I followed at 8 (after watching the Bears beat Seattle!).

Of course everything didn't go completely as planned. We took the Sheraton taxi (which to my surprise was a Mercedes) and got the Prague airport an hour and a half before our flight. Plenty of time right? Only if United properly ticketed you a seat on the Lufthansa plane! UGH, so we spent 15 minutes (at 1.50 a minute) on the phone trying to resolve the problem with United. Finally with 20 minutes to board we got the crucial ticket number Lufthansa needed to get us on the plane. After that everything was pretty smooth.

We arrived in Chicago around 3 and finally got home around 4:30. On the taxi ride home I just rolled down the window and breathed in the sweet Chicago air.


Nancy said...

How funny -- I was just planning our Berlin trip last night, saw that United and Lufthansa were code-sharing, and thought, "no way am I going to let United mess up my trip!" Guess I was right to be gun-shy. Once bitten... (or in United's case, 7 times bitten)...

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