Saturday, September 19, 2009

Space Cakes

Today we got up at 7:30 and went to the gym. Feeling better from the mexican pinata party that was in my stomach. I ran for 20 minutes.

We got a call from Mark and Kirstyn around 9:15. We met them at the Dam Square and then proceeded to get some coffee, beer and enjoy the canals and warm weather. The weather has been very nice the past couple days.

After getting some lunch, Gabrielle and Kirstyn went to the Handbag and Purse museum while Mark napped and I grabbed a snack. After that, we picked up Mark and quickly realized the day was getting late. We ran over to the Heineken Experience, however we were too late for the last tour of the day. We will try again tomorrow. We are also planning to see the Van Gogh museuem tomorrow. Then perhaps a boat tour through the canals over dinner.

We concluded the day with a thai dinner. All of us were ready to fall asleep at the dinner table (lots of walking, etc. today). Heading to bed now. I'm sure I will sleep very well tonight.


Mom said...

Nick, I can't imagine why you wouldn't have wanted to go to the purse and handbag museum. Did Gabrielle enjoy it as much as the Coach store at the outlet store? Glad you hooked up with your friends. The canal ride sounds like a great deal of fun. Too bad you didn't bring your guitar along to serenade everyone. Dad wanted me to tell you that NIU beat Purdue. Nebraska lost by 1 point.
Love, Mom

Nancy said...

Is there really a Handbag & Purse Museum? That's a joke, no?