Saturday, September 26, 2009


We arrived in Prague (Praha) last night. The train ride was long, and though we had first class seats the train itself was old and gray (just what you'd think of if someone asked you to picture a communist made train).

The city however is out of this world. I really had no desire to come here, and after the train ride I was ready to really dislike Prague, but this city is just beautiful.

After checking into the Sheraton (we were upgraded again, and the we went to get some food that Gabrielle could eat. In our Top 10 Prague book it mentioned a place called Jama that server really good Tex-Mex. Since it was close we decided to try it out. Boy was it a good decision. The food was delicious and the atmosphere fun. After we paid, the waitress asked us where we were from and subsequently told us that the Owner was from Chicago too! We ended up talking to Max briefly and he gave us an excellent guide book, Expats Survival Guide. He then recommended that we head to the Old City and walk the Charles Bridge. During the day this area is packed with tourists but at night the traffic is lighter and you can really see why this area is so poetic.

The streets are so narrow and cobbled stoned. The light reflecting off the water and stone buildings was awe inspiring. Unfortunately we are only staying here one day. We will have to come back here for a week

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Nancy said...

Prague is one of my favorite cities in the whole world. I am so happy that you had such a great experience there!