Sunday, September 13, 2009


So we woke up at noon. :) We slept very well. After a shower and some coffee Joel and Tanya took us to the Cotswolds. A picturesque English village. The buildings and land were absolutely beautiful. We had lunch at a little pub and had some wonderful English ale. Right now we are home and getting ready for dinner. Tomorrow we plan on taking a trip to Bath to see some old Roman bath houses. All-in-all, a very relaxing and fun day!

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Mom said...

Tanya and Joel are really giving you two the "royal" treatment! What fun to go sight-seeing and see such beautiful scenery. I made 2 pies today: apple and peach. Aaron is coming over for dinner. Tonight Dad & I are going with John & Kalynn Carlson to a concert at the Paramount. Beautiful day out!