Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 2

We had a wonderful breakfast at Cafe Nielsen. I orderd a fried egg with bacon and toast. I'm not usually a fan of fried eggs but the waiter recommended it. It was actually delicious! They first put the toast down, then the bacon, then the friend egg on top of that, and finally covered it in cheese. I'll be making this at home.

I noticed in my last post I forgot to mention that I had a beer for dinner. Well, I actually had 3. I forgot the name of it, but it was good. From now on if it is not mentioned, just assume that I'm drinking. X-)

Today we got up late and worked out in the gym. We then went to breakfast and then headed to the flower market. The market was very pretty and I got a lot of pictures. We then walked through the shopping disctrict to Anne Frank's house.

The tour took about half an hour and put us in a somber mood. After watching so many History Channel specials on the WW2 its a little shocking to actually find yourself in such a historical location.

Afterwards we got a recommendation for dinner, however Gabrielle wasn't fond of the menu so we wandered around and found a Mexican restaurant. It was good for her because there was food she could eat, however I thought the food was pretty bad and now my stomach is not feeling well. We had a much easier time finding gluten free food in London (albeit not good food). All menu items were marked whether they were gluten-free, veggie, etc. The wait staff in London was also understanding. Here they are not as knowledgable and it has taken time to explain the allegery to them.

After dinner we found a gluten-free grocery store, BioMarkt. We stocked up on bread, chocolate spread and cookies--obviously for breakfast.

Tomorrow our friends Mark and Kirstyn arrive at 8am. We are excited to see them and wish them safe travels!

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w.b. hoffmann said...

"bread, chocolate spread and cookies--obviously for breakfast." obvious, indeed:)